Sport psychology is the study of people and their behaviors while engaging in sporting events.  We help athletes to understand how psychological factors affect their physical performance.  Our services help individuals maximize performance by teaching techniques for managing emotions and minimizing the psychological effects of injury and poor performance.

Athletes spend a tremendous amount of time practicing to get an edge on the competition.  No matter how good you are there are always areas in which you can enhance your performance.  Many athletes have the talent to be successful but fail to develop the mental aspect necessary to achieve optimal performance.  The mind-body connection is powerful and most athletes fatigue mentally before they fatigue physically.  This is often the result of focusing their preparation on the physical aspect while neglecting the mental component of their sport.  We often hear about how “Sports are 90% mental” but then spend a small percentage of time actually enhancing our mental capacities.  It is no surprise that more and more athletes are turning to psychologists to “take them to the next level.”

Together we can develop a specific program tailored to your particular sport and your unique strengths and weaknesses.  Our services can help athletes manage anxiety, develop relaxation techniques, and enhance leadership skills.  Others have sought our services for help with a lack of consistency, to address difficulty maintaining focus, or to aid with recovery from injury.  Sport psychology can assist with goal setting, confidence, and visualizing yourself being successful, in an attempt to help you reach your full potential.

Athletes often attribute an exceptional performance to “being in the zone” but have no idea why they were “in the zone” that particular day.  Being in the zone is often characterized by a sense of relaxation, feeling confident, and having a singular focus.  During these instances their performance feels effortless, automatic, and fun.  Each of these factors can be enhanced by working with a psychologist in an attempt to enter the zone on a more consistent basis.

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