We conduct assessments tailored to an individual’s needs.  Evaluations can be conducted to aid with questions regarding school performance, learning disabilities or emotional disturbances.  Assessments are utilized for custody evaluations, disability claims, or to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Psychological assessments are designed to provide additional information so that a full understanding of an individual’s current functioning and potential can be obtained.  Testing will be tailored to the individual client and the particular referral question.  Evaluations can be conducted to aid with questions regarding school performance, learning disabilities or emotional disturbances.

An assessment provides an objective basis for decision making regarding school based interventions, accommodations, or program placement.  From kindergarten readiness to college graduation, we highlight strengths and offer recommendations for overcoming obstacles.  We believe that everyone has areas of strength and accomplishment, and we are dedicated to helping young people overcome obstacles to realize their full potential.  We take pride in finding creative solutions for life’s challenges.

Educational evaluations are typically used to profile an individual’s development in the areas considered relevant to school success.  Such testing typically assesses cognitive skills, oral language skills, and perception.  Memory and attention can also be evaluated.  Finally, written language, mathematics, and oral expressive skills can be measured, allowing for a comparison of an individual’s capabilities with actual school achievement/functioning.

Other testing can be used to provide a profile of an individual’s development in the areas of motor skills, communication skills, and socialization skills.  Such information can be used to determine academic readiness or whether an individual may have a developmental delay, such as Autism or Asperger’s Disorder.  Results from these assessments can be used to develop strategies for optimizing strengths and addressing needs at school, work, and in the community.  An accurate evaluation ensures that a broad understanding of an individual is obtained in order to develop programs designed to enhance development.  Specific school and home-based interventions can then be generated, utilizing school strengths which might not be evident within the classroom environment.  Evaluations can also provide education for parents about the nature of their child’s difficulty or disability and provide assistance in modifying parenting techniques to increase effectiveness in handling more challenging children.

Assessments for adults are usually quite specific and are often requested by an outside agency.  Adults may need an evaluation as a condition of employment or may need an assessment as part of an adoption application.  Evaluations may be necessary during divorce proceedings or when awarding custody of children.  Individuals may need an assessment in order to obtain accommodations in college or as part of a disability claim.  Others may have been referred to us by their therapist in order to provide/obtain additional information to aid in treatment planning.  We will consider why an individual may be seeking a psychological assessment and attempt to tailor our report to meet the specific needs of the client.

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